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Welcome to the team!
With the commencement of the new season fast approaching, I would like to welcome 3 new companies which have come on board to show their support to myself and the team at Kristin Vermeulen Motorsport for the 2017-18 season. These 3 companies are:
- Rick’s Model Kits (Super Saloon, NZ)
- Gulf Western Oil (Late Model, Australia)
- Scorpionracewear (Late Model and Super Saloon) as I am now named as an Ambassador for this company


2016 2017 Recap
Highlights for the season were both the New Zealand Super Saloon Champs and Australian Late Model Title.
I took the huge leap and competed in the Australian Late Model Title.
The event was held at Premier Speedway in Warrnambool,
I think we all agree one of the proudest moments was taking the NZ flag around the race track while our national anthem played with the representing state drivers following behind.
I was truly humbled that they had organised for me to be a part of this.


19th November 2015
Dream to Reality
Proud to be a Community Friend for the McGrath Foundation.
I am very privileged to be teaming up with Wayne Belk to compete in the Victorian Late Model Series for the 2015/16 speedway season. I would like to thank each and everyone involved in giving me this amazing opportunity and helping make this dream a reality. My first meeting will be at Rushworth Speedway, Saturday 21st November 2015. See you all at the track. MORE >>>
Check out my gallery for some new photos.


28th August 2015

I spent a couple of days in Sydney this week at the workshop fitting my seat into the new Mastersbilt chassis Late Model that I will be driving this season.

It was awesome to spend some time with Darryl who is working hard on the car.

I enjoyed some good race talk with Wayne and Darryl about the Mastersbilt chassis and some general chat about Late Model comparisons.

Definitely food for thought about how I will need to adapt my driving style for the new car. Check out my gallery for a few photos.